Inspiring, Informative, and ‘In’tertaining

Vision and Verb:

Vision and Verb is a collaboration of women of a certain age who have a passion for photography and writing, or who have a passion for one and a willingness to grow and develop the skills in the other.  What exactly does “women of a certain age” mean?  It means that we are women in the prime of our lives, slightly older women whose children are grown or mostly grown.  We are also women who’ve never had children, single women, married women, straight women, gay women, women who live in the country or the city or a foreign land.  Above all, we are women who have had life experiences and the desire to share those experiences and our unique perspectives with you.

The collaborators:    Marcie Scudder, Toni Johnson, Margie Kardash, Eliza Deacon, Frida, Sue Henry, Ginnie Hart, Kathleen Stewart, Petra, Puna Miller, Silvia Ganora, Marion, and Kelly Letky.

Photo Blogs:

Photography or Photoshop Schools, Helps, Tutorials — or resources I don’t want to lose track of:

Resources for Photographers:



Quote Resources:



Fine art prints by Sue Henry are available for purchase through SmugMug.


Available for purchase, “Blessings for the Whole Day” — a collection of images by Sue Henry. Preview and purchase information available by clicking the box below.

Blessings for the Whole Day

a collection of pho…
By Sue Henry

2 Responses to Inspiring, Informative, and ‘In’tertaining

  1. Mary Lawson says:


    Thank you for your kind comments on my photography on the Brentwood Camera Club’s blogsite. I truly appreciate them. I notice that you are involved with the Gallery at Leipers Fork. I am blessed to live in Leipers Fork.

    I admire your photography as well and welcome you to Nashville. I hope that we can meet some time.


    Mary Lawson

  2. suehenryphotography says:

    Oh Mary, Leiper’s Fork is such a special and charming area. I just love it! I may, however, be taking my images out of that gallery. Long story…we will have to talk sometime!

    I may miss the next Brentwood Photography Club meeting, but we WILL meet sometime soon.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog and kind comments. Sue

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