Flowers in my Garden

After living in an apartment and moving to a new home with no grass or much of anything green, I finally have flowers in my ‘garden.’  Not many, mind you!  But yes…the foundation for a garden has been laid; paving stone path and all!

Strolling through my garden path each morning, checking on the ‘babies,’ is a lovely morning meditation.

Today I am thinking on this:

There is Nothing Wrong With You

There is nothing wrong with you.
Just because everyone doesn’t agree with you, it doesn’t make you wrong.
You have a unique vision and personality.
It is up to you to nurture and expand it so that you can optimally live your best life.
There is nothing wrong with you at all.
You are exactly the way you are meant to be.
(from Daily Meditations for ‘Tough Times’)
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5 Responses to Flowers in my Garden

  1. Chantal says:

    great color for this flower, somewhat warm and intens

  2. I like the way you play off the flower in the foreground against the one in the background.

    Steve Schwartzman

  3. graspthemoment says:

    Great DOF on this one! Love the poem as well.

  4. Anita Bower says:

    Wonderful image and quote! Congratulations on getting your garden started!!!

  5. laura says:

    stunning shot

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