A Father’s Guidance

I went to a local Civil War Reenactment yesterday and will have many images to share with you.  This series of images — a young lad and his first ‘pull’ to fire the cannon — personally moved me in a way I haven’t been moved by photography in quite some time.

We all have many ‘firsts’ that our fathers guided us through; firsts that helped shape us.    With gratitude for our father’s guidance, Happy Father’s Day.

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3 Responses to A Father’s Guidance

  1. Marcie says:

    This is wonderful!! What a terrific expression of the times..and a father/son relationship.

  2. Chantal says:

    A series to honor all dads

  3. Dave Martin says:

    Very nice indeed! I thought it was interesting that they do not face the cannon when they pull the lanyard, good for you as then they would be facing the wrong direction. The money shot, with the grimace from the detonation, and the boy’s hat sliding off is way cool.

    This series also reminds me of a NPR broadcast by Sarah Vowell and her and her father’s cannon he made, including the end a wonderful tribute to her father, called Dad’s Cannon at the top of this link. (11 min)

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