In the Kitchen

“Good painting is like good cooking; it can be tasted, but not explained.”
Maurice de Vlaminck

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6 Responses to In the Kitchen

  1. Excellent, Sue!!! Love the quote too, it’s so true!

  2. Anita Bower says:

    Wonderful quote, wonderful image! Perfect for December when we do a bit more baking!

  3. Frida says:

    A beautiful image of a ordinary item. Love the quote!

  4. Marcie says:

    So very creative. What a great idea!!!

  5. Bo Mackison says:

    Hmmm–I see you are getting as much cooking done as I am. Playing with the cooking utensils IS allowed in my house, too!

  6. Oscar says:

    so did you have some wine and stare it this? LOL

    Neat view of something simple!

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