NAIA Pow Wow — part four

From the printed program:

“Each of the tribes has its own customs and traditions, and its own heritage based upon lives of its people through history.  Some were roving bands of hunters ranging over a wide area, while others tilled the soil, cultivating and improving upon the wild vegetable foods they found around them.  Some lived close to the rivers and oceans and received much of this substance from them.  Some were peaceful people, while others were more warlike. and tribes often opposed each others form of living space or possessions.  In this, they were similar to the early European feudal kingdoms which, while they were the seeds of nationalism, still show the effects of differences in religion or culture in modern-day conflict.”

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2 Responses to NAIA Pow Wow — part four

  1. Marcie says:

    I’m scrolling thru these…enjoying the entire series. What an incredible display and celebration!!

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