Native American Indian Pow Wow – 2010

Images made at the 29th Annual NAIA Inter-tribal Pow Wow, Long Hunter State Park Nashville TN.

From the printed program:

“Celebrations such as Pow Wows are designed to help preserve the basic traditions of oneness with the earth, and to include all men and women in unity.  At each Pow Wow, tribal and cultural differences are put aside, to be replaced with the joyous spirit of being one with each other and the earth.  We are dedicated to the preservation of these fleeting cultures, in order that we may all continue to be enriched by them.”

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4 Responses to Native American Indian Pow Wow – 2010

  1. David Martin says:

    Thanx for the heads up on these shots Sue, you got some real nice shots here. I have to agree with the printed material, there is a wonderful feeling at them!

  2. suehenryphotography says:

    Yes David, I thought you might enjoy these. There are more coming.

    I saw a man wearing an “Alaska” hat and thought of you. You always shoot this type of event so nicely. I was “stuck” on the bleachers and couldn’t move around so very limited perspective. The event, however, was very colorful, interesting, and captivating. Had I still been teaching school, I would have used some of these photos for a lesson!

  3. elk says:

    amazing captures .. i can just hear them!

  4. They are wonderful shots, Sue!!!

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