Radnor Lake

I finally discovered Radnor Lake.

On my favorite photography forum, the current challenges are “Signs of Spring” and “Intentional Over Exposure.”  I thought perhaps I could find something for the challenges at Radnor Lake.

So far this is my favorite from yesterday’s outing.  I was very hard pressed to find ANY “Signs of Spring.”   I shot one “Intentional Over Exposure” that has some possibility, but I’m not sure….  *sigh*

I have been busy lately getting my work prepared for hanging in the new artist co-op.  The gallery opens Saturday in Leiper’s Fork.  There are some very, very talented and creative people showing in this new co-op.  It should be an exciting, energetic place to visit.  And, of course, all of the work is for sale.  😉  I’m sure I’ll have photos to share from the opening!

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4 Responses to Radnor Lake

  1. Marcie says:

    Gorgeous!! Love the soft colors here..the composition. And – this is pretty much of what I’m seeing around here – Canada Geese coming home to nest!!!

  2. Bo Mackison says:

    You have certainly gotten right into the photo groups in your new home. Wonderful about the up and coming co-op.

  3. Lovin the branches framing the top of the image Sue.

  4. Anita Bower says:

    if you can’t find signs of spring down there, we have little hope up here. wonderful that you will be in a show.

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