My Turn!

It’s my turn to post on Vision and Verb.  I hope you’ll visit there to read what I’ve written.

In the mean time, here are a few additional images along the lines of what I posted on Vision and Verb.  I call the series “Child’s Play” primarily because that’s what I felt like I was doing as I dropped food color into milk to create these abstract images.  Yes… color in milk!   This series truly has helped with my photographer block I’ve been feeling lately!



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18 Responses to My Turn!

  1. Puna says:

    Sue, these photos are incredible! It makes me want to try too!

  2. Marcie says:

    Oh…I love how you’ve called these ‘Child’s Play’. They remind me of finger paints – remember them?!?!?

  3. margie says:

    okay i am dying to do this. i am going to montreal to see my grandsons tonight and am taking along food colouring.

  4. oscarstavern says:

    The second shot looks like something from biology – but real neat stuff!

  5. dianeschuller says:

    exactly! Play! Funny that’s what I mentioned in my response to your great post at V&V today too.
    I love the outcome from your play today Sue.

  6. So these are all shot through a glass of some sort? Wow. My daughter was playing around with food color in water the other day and I was shocked at how interesting it looked in water as opposed to my cake batter and such! Great stuff Sue!

  7. Sue, these are so fantastic! You have such an eye for the abstract.

  8. Frida says:

    These are gorgeous Sue. The most beautiful I have seen in a long time.

  9. suehenryphotography says:

    Actually, Heather, I poured a small amount of milk in a white oven dish and added colors. From time to time I would move the dish which created some movement and new patterns. I was shooting like crazy, thinking things were going good. The phone rang and I was away from the milk for a few minutes….and, BINGO….it even got better after sitting a few minutes!!!

    Fun stuff!

  10. elk says:

    oh this is fun…you are so good!

  11. This is wonderful!!! You WERE playing and getting silly! They are gorgeous and I am so smiling!

  12. Toni says:

    I’m going to have to give this a try this weekend, Sue. Funny this is this looks a lot like some of the results I get with my glass work! Too fun!

  13. CDScott says:

    I have done the milk & food coloring with my sons…the creations are amazing! Great images!

  14. Julie McLeod says:

    Fat free or 2%????? 😉

    When I saw your post on Vision & Verb, I was totally convinced it was a close-up of art glass! Now I now your secret…

  15. David Martin says:

    Photo block? Is that when inspiration is out of sync with execution! The easiest way to catch a butterfly is to stop chasing it and lie down. When I first saw these shots I thought you reprossessed some of you junk yard car shots. I love the size of these shots Sue, and I really like the geometric texture of the milk. Very fabulous shots Sue, and love you words in the blog too. How did you get hooked up with these gals?

  16. Will says:

    These are excellent. Very abstract and from such a simple method pf mixing food colour and milk. Beauty lies in simplicity.

    I could imagine these images blown up to A1 size hanging in a gallery or in someones privte collection.

  17. Anita Bower says:

    Wonderful images! I especially like the top one. Great colors and shapes. I’d forgotten about food color in milk–used to do it with my son.

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