Textured By Time – part one


The final project for my Digital II photography class was to begin building a “body of work.”   We were to photograph and print 8 to 10 pieces that were related or connected not only by theme but by style.  The pieces were to be newly photographed and taken during the semester.  Additionally, we were to select our theme following a writing exercise that was intended to help us think about ourselves as individuals.

After doing some “soul searching,” thinking about my photographic style, and what interested me most or defined my work, I selected “Textured By Time” as my overall theme.

It’s been very fascinating working with Alison in selecting which photographs to print for the final class presentation as well as discussing how pieces work together for “gallery display.”   Some of my favorites didn’t “make the cut.”

Learning the steps for print preparation has also been valuable lesson.  With Alison’s help, we are learning to make “fine art prints,” not just photographs.  The final class project is to display our work as 11 x 14 matted fine art prints in our classroom; the class will join Alison in a critiquing session.

(For those who might be interested, we are using Red River paper and Epson printers.  Quality you can see and feel!  Learning about these items has been a valuable lesson in itself.  WOW!)

In the next couple of posts I’ll share the images I am preparing for my final class project.

Part One — Abstracts from Rural Life





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13 Responses to Textured By Time – part one

  1. now I want to go to class too!

  2. madcatartstudio says:

    Fabulous textures and colours!

  3. Julie McLeod says:

    Can’t wait to see Part 2! Gorgeous work. I’m particularly taken by the red fence.

  4. Bo Mackison says:

    What a marvelous class! Your photography really pulls out those textures. And learning the printing part – I’d love that opportunity!!

  5. mscudder says:

    This sounds like a wonderful class – one that I’d like to take myself. Love the collection of images you’ve pulled together here to create the beginnings of what looks like a beautiful portfolio. Well done!!!

  6. Tracy says:

    Beautiful rough and rust, Sue! :o)

  7. Ken says:

    Sue, wonderful rust and line work.

  8. Anita says:

    Fascinating! I read the links you provided. Thank you so much.

    The concept of a body of work is just what I needed to read about at this time. I’ve been thinking of putting together a portfolio, and the information you provided moves me further along that path. It also confirms my sense that I need to continue taking more photos, and that my focusing on one type of subject has not been foolish.

    I love the images you selected here. I see how they fit together and complement one another in style, subject matter, colors, textures.

    Thanks ever so much!!!

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  10. elk says:

    i enjoy a series like this …I have missed my visits here , I am so awed by your style and talent Sue

  11. Bob Towery says:

    That last one is my favorite. Great textures and tones.

  12. Oh Sue, these are beautiful! The red in #1 is fantastic and I like how you composed that one to include just part of the red. Great finds!!

  13. Wonderful post Sue. I have used Red River, I like them.. I ordered a sample pack before.
    Also, Thanks for the insight on “body of work”.. Your images are wonderful.

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