“A grandfather is someone with silver in his hair and gold in his heart.”  ~unknown


















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6 Responses to Remembering

  1. Real nice still life Sue. The rest of the story, did you set this up, did you find it somewhere? What about the lighting. I have lots of old money that I keep around, it looks like there are some foreign coins there too.

    This shot leaves such a good feeling!

  2. suehenryphotography says:

    Dave, You have asked some good questions. Let me tell you the “rest of the story!”

    This shot was set up to fulfill a photography class assignment. The assignment was to shoot a body of work that addressed a word that we drew out of a sack. My word was “accumulate.” In this shot I tried to represent that we accumulate “Memories.”

    Included are: My husband’s grandfather’s gold watch and wooden stirrup, my grandfather’s glasses, and the coins that were in my father’s pocket when he returned home from World War II.

    It’s a good thing you (the viewer) can’t see the ironing board I have set up the still life on!!! Or that I used a blanket for the backdrop!!!

    Natural lighting. No flash. I really had to experiment with the arrangement to keep a glare from the windows from occurring.

    As you know, this type of shot is certainly out of my comfort zone. I did, however, get positive feedback from my instructor! She asked to keep my accumulation of images that I shot for my assigned word “accumulate!”


  3. I like it even more now that I know the rest of the story. You have such a good eye Sue that I do not think you have any problem with any “comfort zone”

  4. cara says:

    This is fantastic!! I love the arrangement of objects. Thanks for sharing the story… it’s a very beautiful, elegant way to shoot the assignment for “accumulate.”

  5. Susan says:

    This is so rich in content.

  6. susanne49 says:

    This is a beautiful set, great shot made with lovely memory items! Fantastic, Sue!

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