The Guitar Player

“I just go where the guitar takes me.”  ~Angus Young


I walked out of the laundromat,  noticed him sitting in a comfortable chair enjoying the beautiful, lazy afternoon, and playing his guitar.   The chords he picked were easy and relaxed.

Typically I avoid photographing people.  He, however, looked very approachable.  I walked over and asked if he would mind if I photographed him while he played and I told him that I was most interested in his hands on the guitar.  He smiled his relaxed and friendly smile and nodded.

While I photographed him, he continued playing.  We then started talking, sharing stories of music and the guitar.  Our conversation/photo shoot went on for several minutes.  What a nice guy!  I wonder what his name is?

For now I guess I’ll just have to call him “The Guitar Player.”

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8 Responses to The Guitar Player

  1. What a lovely start of the day looking at your beautiful pictures and imagining the music ! Thank you, Sue.

  2. elk says:


  3. Bo Mackison says:

    Love the blue tones, well, I love all the guitars. Amazing how friendly people can be, yes? I’ve begun to ask and most are very friendly.

    And I made model release forms with my business logo on top, and all my photo info. Been using them. I have yet to have someone say no to signing one. I had a lawyer take all of the legalize out of one of the standard forms from the ‘net- still legal but without all that language that makes people feel squeamish.

  4. Jagriti says:

    nice post…i think theres this thing about guitars ~ it is a treat listening to, playing and photographing…

    i loved the line by angus young in the beginning of the post…

  5. Anita says:

    Congratulations on your courage in approaching a person to photograph. I especially like the 4th image, showing the peacefulness of his face.

  6. I would have thought you had guitar players running around like we have Polar Bears! Wonderful shots, I was surprised when the last shot the guy was young. The longer the lens the easier it is to take those shots!

  7. Lisa says:

    Love the processing on the second and third of the images (which are all great, but these two stood out for me).

  8. I’m so glad you walked up to him and asked him to photograph him. I’m glad you didn’t miss out!

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