As No Other

When God created the horse, he said to the magnificent creature: I have made thee as no other. All the treasures of the earth shall lie between thy eyes. Thou shalt cast thy enemies between thy hooves, but thou shalt carry my friends upon they back. Thy saddle shall be the seat of prayers to me. And thou fly without any wings, and conquer without any sword. ~ The Koran

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4 Responses to As No Other

  1. Marcie says:

    Horses are absolutely majestic. Love this scene you captured..and the grace and elegance of the horse’s gait in your previous post.

  2. All of God’s creatures are so unique…aren’t they? So beautiful…

  3. Bo Mackison says:

    Love the composition.

  4. horses r such magestic creatures. i love love to photograph them…especially up close. lovely composition of the horses to the right thru the gate…makes you feel as if ur taking a peek into their world!

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