RainMaker Art

This photo features some of the original metal artwork from the “secret garden” introduced in the previous post.  As I “researched”  more fully the “secret garden” I learned that is exactly what owner Dave Dardis calls the garden.  Here is a link to some of his original art.


I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the suggestions for the title to yesterday’s “Caption This” post.  It is fascinating to see how each viewer interprets the image as well as how the viewer’s personality shines through in their suggestion for a title.

Here are a few of the suggestions:

“De-vine-ly inspired… but a little fishy”

“Entrance to the Possibilities”

“Enter Through the Narrow Gate”

“Portal to the Abyss”

“An Unfamiliar Passage to Discovery”

“Alice’s Adventure into Wonderland”

“The Secret Garden”

“They Wait”

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5 Responses to RainMaker Art

  1. Mike Palmer says:

    they way the light is hot around the small body in captivating Sue

  2. elk says:

    that is a captivating photo Sue

  3. AKD200 says:

    Ah, Dave Dardis, the kingpin of the Makanda boardwalk! I have not thought of him in years. Very cool metal smith. My friend owned the building with the large pillers supporting the balcony on the end, I spent lots of time on the boardwalk. Very cool place Makanda! Love the shots you took Sue, you took me back 30 years!

  4. Enigma3 says:

    Cool find Sue. I agree with mike on the lighting around the figure. It stands out.

  5. Marcie says:

    Extraordinary detail. Something magical about the light.

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