Caption This #1

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I have some clever, creative, and bright blog visitors and, quite truthfully, I need help.  Put on your thinking caps and “Caption this!”

Image made in a “secret” garden in Makanda, Illinois.  My massage therapist and friend, Jennifer Hunt, told me how to find the “secret” garden.  Without her encouragement I would have never ventured through the mysterious* path…..


*OK….I’m stretching the story just a bit.  But, I wouldn’t have known to go up the stairs and around the corner to find the garden filled with wierd and interesting objects.  Certainly NOT a “Southern Living Garden”  🙂   More to follow…..

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10 Responses to Caption This #1

  1. visitgolconda says:

    ‘Enter Through the Narrow Gate’ perhaps?

  2. “Portal to the Abyss”

  3. An Unfamiliar Passage to Discovery

  4. Bo says:

    I am not a photo-titler, easily evidenced by the unimaginative titles I give my own photos! 🙂 But I love this bit of the garden, is there more to come? Definitely NOT Southern Living!

  5. Marcie says:

    ‘Alice’s Adventure in to Wonderland’. Or maybe..just plain and simple – ‘The Secret Garden’. Love the rich lush colors. What a great find!!!

  6. elk says:

    oh this is intriguing …how about “they wait”

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  8. George says:

    Sorry I’m late in on this Sue but just picked up the comments via the other post and as you say the comments reflect the viewers personality, so here’s mine .

    “He ain’t heavy he’s my fishy …..” 🙂

  9. Enigma3 says:


    I would call this photo “Portal to the unknown” or “Portal of dreams”. I really thought about it for a while but it’s a tough one. I’m curious to see what you’ll finally choose. Let us know.

  10. Mike Palmer says:

    “smells fishy”

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