Successful Living…

From “Live and Learn and Pass It On” ~ compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

“I’ve learned that successful living is like playing a piano — it must be practiced daily.” — age 70

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9 Responses to Successful Living…

  1. Julie says:

    Love this, Sue! Great lines and tones. And, the nostalgic look of the worn keys and the curlycue music holder is wonderful.

  2. Marcie says:

    Love the timelessness of this. So very appealing and nostalgic. Happy memories..y’know?!?!?

  3. mullkv says:

    Nice quotes to go with a great image Sue. Lots of lovely lines and feeling to the image.

  4. elk says:

    this is stunning…oh my I am really enjoying your work Sue

  5. Bo says:

    Lovely, a great perspective. Great perspective in the photo AND the quote.

  6. JRP says:

    LOVE the composition of this shot.
    This is a great find…love old items like this.

    I took a look at your still life gallery as well – some really amazing stuff in there!!! Loved looking through.

  7. Toni says:

    What a wonderful old piano, Sue. Excellent capture.

  8. Anita says:

    Perfect quote for the image, or, perfect image for the quote. Like them both.

  9. I like the picture composition, the angle Sue! I can even hear the music playing 🙂

    Very nice shot.

    Sue’s Daily Photography

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