Paducah Photography Club

Last night’s meeting of the Paducah Photography Club was so fun.  We had a record breaking 30 people in attendance.  How exciting is that.

I was asked to give a presentation to review my recent workshop with Tony Sweet in the Smokey Mountains.  Trying to make the presentation interesting for all levels of photographers, I titled the presentation “Lookin’ To Learn In All Kinds of Places” and tried to share resources that could help all people, whatever their level of interest, skill, and experience,  as they make their photographic journey.

The first half of the presentation was covering this hand out, which I’m sharing here because some folks didn’t get the handout and asked for a copy.  The list I’m going to share may not make a great deal of sense out of context.  However, there might possibly be a link or two of interest to other blog readers.  I will add hyperlinks for on-line viewers.  🙂

“Lookin’ To Learn in All Kinds of Places”

Sue Henry — June 2009

I.  On-line resources

  • Various links, in no particular order-
  • Forums
  • Flickr
  • You Tube
    • Photography Tutorials
    • Photoshop Tutorials
    • Lightroom Tutorials
  • Web sites, blogs, etc.
  • You may visit my blog for links to several of my favorites —

II.  Print and DVD resources

Books, magazines, etc —  From my personal library:

(My suggestion during the presentation was to visit and read reviews of any books that look interesting.)

  • Nature Photographer magazine!
  • Life Images magazine!

  • The Digital Photography Book – Scott Kelby
  • Understanding Exposure — Bryan Peterson
  • Learning to See Creatively — Bryan Peterson
  • Complete Guide to Photography — John Hedgecoe
  • Travel and Nature Photography — Rick Sammon
  • Complete Guide to Digital Photography — Rick Sammon
  • Digital Photography Masterclass — Tom Ang

  • Creative nature & Outdoor Photography — Brenda Tharp
  • Nature Photography — Tim Fitzharris
  • Digital Nature Photography — Jim Miotke
  • Nature Photography Closeup — Jon Cox
  • Close-up & Macro — Robert Thompson

  • Take Your Photography to the Next Level — George Barr
  • Digital photography Fine print Workshop — George DeWolfe
  • Digital Photo Processing — Chris Tarantino
  • Photoshop CS3 for nature photographers — Ellen Anon, Tim Grey
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3 A-Z — Philip Andrews
  • The Photoshop Elements 5 Book for Digital Photographers — Scott Kelby

  • The Tao of Photography (Seeing beyond seeing) — Philippe Gross, S.I. Shapiro
  • Photography for the Joy of It — Freeman patterson & Andre Gallant
  • Photography…the art of composition — Bert Krages
  • The photographer’s Eye — Michael Freeman
  • God Is at Eye Level (photography as a healing art) — Jan Phillips

  • Fine Art Flower Photography (Creative Techniques and the Art of Observation) — Tony Sweet
  • Fine Art Photography Water, Ice, and Fog (Photographic Tecniques and the Art of interpretation) — Tony Sweet
  • Fine Art Nature Photography (Advanced Techniques and the Creative Process) — Tony Sweet
  • Fine Art Digital Nature Photography (Tips, Techniques, and Creative Options for Serious Novices to Advanced Digital Photographers) — Tony Sweet
  • Tony Sweet’s Visual Literacy — DVD

During the second half of the presentation I shared images made during the recent workshop or images that were influenced by Tony Sweet.  Stories were shared about the workshop experience.  Most of the images and stories I’ve already shared with blog readers —  HEREHEREANOTHER; OK, ANOTHERYET ANOTHER;   — there were more, but I don’t want to truly bore you.  I will add that my collection of Smokey Mountain Images can be viewed as a collection HERE.

I was surprised and flattered that BOTH of my images that I submitted for our monthly photo challenge placed — The Daisy being voted first place by the membership and the following image placing third.  The iris image is another “multiple”  — nine exposures layered to create an abstract.

(You may click image to view larger.)

I’m so proud of the interest and growth of our local photography club.  We have a great group of folks.  Our next meeting will be more social; a picnic and the Scott Kelby Photowalk. We’d love to have you join us!

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9 Responses to Paducah Photography Club

  1. CONGRATS to you for placing SUE! You listed some great info and links in this post…thank you. Off to browse…

  2. Anita says:

    Congratulations on your winning photos! You take excellent images!
    Lovely to be asked to give a presentation to your photo club. Sounds like it was most informative and interesting. Thanks for sharing the resources with us.
    I’m delighted that your camera club is growing and doing so well. Mine is a source of renewed interest and fun.

  3. Julie McLeod says:

    Congrats on the continuing success of your photo club and on the honor of having your photos recognized.

    (I couldn’t get The Daisy link to work, by the way…)

  4. elk says:

    sue ~you are so generous with all of this information thank you for the links !amazing image …no surprise to me that you placed!

  5. AKD200 says:

    Way cool Sue thanx for the info, look at what your baby has grown into!

  6. Toni says:

    Congrats, Sue! Great stuff here. If I may suggest a book…Within the Frame, by David duChemin. He’s a fantastic photographer, with great motivational and inspirational posts, with great discussion in teh comments. The book is about vision. He often says, “gear is good, vision is better.”

  7. Bo says:

    I can see what I’ll be doing this weekend. 🙂 Gratefully checking the resources you so kindly assembled. Much appreciated.

  8. ricky says:

    wwwwwwoooooooooowww..thanks for info

  9. I have an antique photograph of my greatgreatgreatgrandmother and at the bottom of the photograph is a mark that seems to read “Hanna” or “Huma” or “Humra” with an underscore and, under the underscore, it appears to read “Paducah”. I figured if anyone could check into this for me, it would be people with an active and interactive photography life.
    May I send you a copy of the photo?

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