Giclee. What’s a Giclee?

Crooked Creek Gallery – Carthage, Ill

As many of you know, Carthage, Illinois is my home town.  While it is small in number of residents (less than 3,000) it is rich with talent!  I have ALWAYS been proud of my home town and the opportunities it has presented me over the years.

Growing up as a younster, I was fortunate to have some musical performance opportunities that were out of reach for many teens.  I won’t go in to that at this time — this is a photography blog.

Getting back to photography, Crooked Creek Gallery is home for Carthage artist, Terry Newell.

Terry and his family lived across the street from my family when we were children and  I’ve known Terry and his family all of my life.

When I began my photography adventure, Terry, and his wife Sue, were kind enough to allow me to feature some of my pieces in his gallery.  Crooked Creek Gallery really is for Terry’s work, and I have since removed my work from the gallery.  Terry’s resume, art work, and experience is extensive.  His personal web space can be found HERE.

During my last visit to Carthage, Terry and I had a long visit.  I asked him to review my “portfolio” and I was asking for some advice.  Our first brief conversation quickly lead to several meetings over the next few days.  And, before I knew it, Terry had convinced me that it was time to print a couple of giclees in signed and numbered limited editions.  Fortunately I had my computer and external hard drive with me and we were able to move forward right then and there!

He first had to talk to me about WHAT a giclee was.  I was aware of the term but knew little beyond that.

A few links for information about giclee.  One – Wikipedia Two – “About Giclee Prints” Three – “Giclee – Guide”

The  next step was the selecction of the piece to feature as a giclee print.  This was a challenge, indeed.  For several reasons, we finally decided on companion pieces that were shot at my Grandfather’s farm on a very foggy morning.

After Terry proofed, scanned, and printed the first pieces, he gave me a quick lesson on “Limited Edition Prints” including signing and numbering, Certificate of Authenticity, marketing, framing, etc.

He was able to print very quickly the images we selected at his home using his personal (and very expensive) printing setup.  The gallery is now framing the pieces and  I will pick them up on my next Illinois visit.

It’s very thrilling and rewarding to view one’s work LARGE.  And, it’s very thrilling and rewarding to have an artist of Terry’s stature express interest in one’s work as well as share his expertise and knowledge.

Thank you Terry.  Hopefully we’ll team up on more limited edition giclee prints!

For any interested — Terry can be reached at:

Crooked Creek Gallery & Atelier/Publishing

Terry Newell Artist/Owner

528 Wabash Ave PO Box 294

Carthage, Il 62321

suenewell at

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9 Responses to Giclee. What’s a Giclee?

  1. Jeri says:

    Congratulations! I’m sure they are much more beautiful in person! 🙂

  2. Enigma3 says:


    I think the photo you picked for the Ciclee print is awsome and really comes to life in that size . I would like to see the actual photo of those trees on your blog. I also like the photo of you signing the print and you should use it in one of your publications.

  3. That is outstanding information and a great honor for you! I am stoked you got to see a couple pieces of your work in a large form!

    GO SUE!!!

  4. Toni says:

    How fun for you, Sue! Great information and an excellent idea.

  5. Bo says:

    Amazing what you can find in “small, out of the way places” — 🙂

    What a great opportunity to have a friend and instructor and expert printer all in one. Looks like you made a great choice with the print.How exciting for you!

  6. Julie McLeod says:

    That is quite a milestone in your photography career and the prints look fabulous. Congrats, Sue!

  7. AKD200 says:

    WOW! You are in the big time now Sue, those two shots would look good at the new White House. It would be cool if you could arrange for prints to be made of your stuff as needed.

  8. JRP says:

    WOW Sue! This is the most wonderful news. What an amazing friend to have and to do all of this with and for you. I love how this is all progressing for you. I think back to when you first joined photoforum…now look how far you’ve come!

    The prints you chose are wonderful choices and I wish you all the best in marketing and selling these limited edition pieces. Soon your art will be gracing the walls of so many wonderful homes, etc. Sue Henry is going places! XOXOXO

    I’m looking forward to moving into my new place & decorating it with pieces that are large like you’ve printed. I feel that gone are store bought art pieces. I want to fill my lil home with my work after all this time.

  9. Anita says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, SUE!!! This is so exciting. You deserve to have your work printed LARGE! I look forward to you telling us of more.

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