“Surrounded by the right sounds, we all can be invigorated, energized, and balanced.”
Dr. John Diamond

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15 Responses to Surrounded…

  1. Very beautiful Sue. Too bad there isn’t sound attached to these images. I could really go for those sounds right about now. 😀

    You are so gifted…Great job!

  2. elk says:

    one of my favorite places …are you close by?

  3. suehenryphotography says:

    Sadly no.

    These images were all made in the Smokey Mountains during my recent workshop. The Smokies are about 4 -5 hours away from us. We are, however, planning to return in the fall for another visit!

  4. Dane says:

    I agree with Julie. Sweet!

  5. Marcie says:

    Beautiful landscapes. I can hear the sound of the water. Perfect!

  6. I agree with Marcie – you can almost hear the water rushing. Great shots Sue. Your use of colour and motion together is exceptional here.

  7. I love the “right” sounds. I love the mornings when I can hear the little animals out my window…of course running natural water…like your lovely relaxing looking photos have is way high on my “right” sounds list!

  8. Julie McLeod says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely. I find it tricky to capture moving water well, but you’ve done it so well in the first shot.

  9. sharon says:

    Beautiful water captures!

  10. cara says:

    The processing on this is fabulous. Vibrant greens and water that looks like it’s moving. Superb!

  11. Toni says:

    You are doing your workshop proud, Sue! Wonderful images!!

  12. Bo says:

    Smoky Mountain green is really green, isn’t it? Smokies–one of my favorite places.

  13. Se'Lah says:

    Absolutely phenomenal shots!

  14. Anita says:

    Gorgeous spring greens in all these images. All three are beautiful captures. Well done.

  15. JRP says:

    Ooooh – I can’t get enough of smooooth water like this.
    I adore 1 & 2!!

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