Hit and Miss

I probably view a 100 or so images by various photographers each and every day. By the time I visit my ever expanding list of blogs, spend time on the photography forum I help moderate, and visit photos on Flickr, I invest a lot of time viewing the wonderful work of others.

In many ways, this daily activity can be compared to “continuing education.”  Often the images of others provide inspiration or insight into new techniques.

Today, while viewing some images of Australian photographer Wayne Pearson, I became totally enamored by what he calls “Hit and Miss.” This is a NOT a new technique, but his images served as a reminder of what wonderful images can be captured through this manner.

In a nutshell, “Hit and Miss” involves 1) long shutter speed and 2) induced camera movement.  Because of the technique utilized, there is a certain element of luck involved, both good and not so good.  Hence, “Hit and Miss.”

Have you ever simply had a great time experimenting with an art technique?  That was me today.  These really should be titled “From the Closet” because each was taken in a closet in my home.  I laughed and giggled as I shot and re-shot time and time again, trying to think of what might possibly provide results that might turn into “art.”  My clothing.  The grandchildren’s toys.  A scarf.

The images were processed in Lightroom but ONLY to boost contrast and saturation.  No additional processing was involved.

View with a sense of adventure……and ENJOY!

When I Am Old I Shall Wear Purple

Child’s Play


Shades of Spring

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21 Responses to Hit and Miss

  1. My eye caught the photos first and I thought to myself how beautiful that purple piece was and wondered what you photographed…when I read how you made them I was even more amazed at the fun technique!

    I especially love the purple 1st one. I could see this as art on the wall with that great color & swirls! I also love that last one!!

  2. jeriamrine says:

    What a great experiment! These definitely could go on a wall! Personally, I think you should sell them as a texture pack. 😉

  3. Anita Bower says:

    Sue: What a clever idea! New to me. I love the colors and color combinations and the abstract shapes/swirls, etc. I hope to try more.

  4. Beau Dodson says:

    Now those look more like hits than misses!!! I love the colors!

  5. Bo says:

    You DID have fun today! I love to hear stories about play and fun…freedom! Gorgeous colors.

  6. I really wish I’ve had the time to do this type of art. I’ve hit it by accident on occasion, but that’s about it. I like yours Sue. Great color and tones.

  7. Toni says:

    Very pretty – they look like paintings. It is fun to play and good for the spirit.

  8. colblue says:

    Wonderful Sue. My god, you really are creative!

    What is with the face in the first shot?? I like the soft tones in the last shot. They are all great!

  9. Marcie says:

    Fantastic abstracts! Love the colors..the effect..the result. You’ve inspired me to give it a try!!!

  10. Se'Lah says:

    That first batik-like photo of purple reminds me of the “purple hats”…what a group 😉 I can see myself as one of them when I get older.

    p.s. Thanks for visiting my NECESSARY ROOM and leaving me a note. And to answer your question, the ladybug is in my daughter’s hands.

    Have a great and Inspirational Monday.

  11. Beautiful results from your creativity. They are all works of art in their own right. A joy to view

  12. Julie McLeod says:

    These are incredible! An very successful experiment…………..

  13. Barbara says:

    I cannot imagine how you got these photos, but I love them. I think I must be naturally drawn to abstract photos.

  14. Mike Palmer says:

    Great color Fusions

  15. Excellent use of art here Sue. I’m going to try this too.

  16. suehenryphotography says:

    Thank you soooo much everyone for the positive reaction to my “art.” I absolutely LOVE doing these and will probably do more of them.

    I have to share with you that the first image is a “Chico’s jacket” — denim with embroidery as well as other clothes in my closet. And, the second image started as my grandson’s box of models and other toys. I’m a little unsure of what the third one started out as but I know that the fourth is a knitted scarf of variegated yarn.

    I tried several with yarn and course fabric and there seemed to be a fine line between looking just blurry and looking artistic.

    I can’t wait to see what YOU ALL come up with!!!! Should be fun.

  17. Puna says:

    Wow, like paintings…

  18. I love this… abstract photography’s not an easy thing. Such gorgeous colour.

  19. Wayne Pearson says:

    Hi Sue,
    Well it is great to see your results from using the hit&miss technique that I posted on redbubble. Your results are excellent, and I hope that all of your readers have fun with H&M. This technique is a version of panning, but it is panning with attitude. Enjoy!
    Wayne Pearson

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