“Beware of the person who can’t be bothered by details.” ~William Feather

About Ferns says, “The leafy branch of the fern is usually called a frond. The small leaflets that make up the whole frond are called pinnae.”

According to that definition, this photo is a pinnae — a small leaflet of a fern.

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13 Responses to Details

  1. Toni says:

    I love the details!

  2. Textural Utopia, Sue. Beautifully presented with fabulous ‘details’.

  3. Marcie says:

    Love the texture and detail. The fern almost glows!!!

  4. tgaw says:

    Beautiful shot!

  5. Julie McLeod says:

    Ferns are somehow really fascinating to me. I love the texture you used with this one.

  6. JRP says:

    Sue – this is amazing! Amazing! Amazing! I love it! The texture used on this is awesome.

  7. gorgeous! Something so common becomes so amazing when you bring your talents to meet it.

  8. Christopher says:

    What a cool texture this would make.

  9. Sue – simple word: Brilliant!

  10. Mary says:

    Lovely Texture!!!!

  11. Anita Bower says:

    Lovely! Great effects! I love fern fronds and find them challenging to photograph. I like your approach.

  12. Mark says:

    I have always loved textures combined with photographs – wonderful work.

  13. Wow – this is gorgeous. Excellent use of texture.

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