Take Me Home, Country Roads

During my last visit to Illinois, I woke up one morning to discover a heavy fog.  I told my father I was headed out to take fog pictures.  His only comment was “Don’t get lost in the fog.”  I didn’t think too much about that comment, but soon discovered daddy wasn’t too far off.

I ended up at what used to be my grandparent’s farm.  The farm is owned by one cousin and the land is farmed by another cousin.  The house has been bulldozed down and I’m afraid the barn won’t last much longer.  The windmill still stands proud and tall, serving in my eyes as a landmark and reminder of my childhood.  When looking back through these photos I can’t get over how trees have popped up in places that used to be bare.  Of course, I remember what the farm was like some 50 + years ago…..  I also noticed, while taking these pictures, a strange mist forming, blurring my vision somewhat — or was it tears?

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11 Responses to Take Me Home, Country Roads

  1. I really like that second shot Sue (the rest are great too). Its got a lot of detail and the mood eminates from the image. Great stuff.

  2. Marcie says:

    I absolutely love fog and the mood it creates. These are wonderful. Especially love the old barn..and the windmill. Gorgeous images!!!

  3. Julie McLeod says:

    Beautiful, Sue! Like Kevin, my favorite is the second one. I think it is remarkable that you’re able to go back and photograph this and that it is still farmland and not a shopping mall!

  4. Se'Lah says:

    Wonderful !!! I absolutely am in love with the 2nd shot especially, or it is the 4th…call it a tie. 😉

  5. Bo says:

    Looks like home to me, Sue. Lovely with the fog.

  6. Lisa says:

    My favourite is the black and white (number 4), sad that the house is no more.

  7. oscarstavern says:

    I Love These!! Especially #2. WoW!!!!!

  8. Anita Bower says:

    Lovely set of images of the old farm. I especially like the trees.

  9. mark says:

    beautiful series!

  10. JRP says:

    I love fog. It’s not often that I get to catch in photos like you have. The barn shot (#2) is a fav for me in this series and the B&W (#4) is great – nice choice of processing.

    It’s wonderful that you captured something so fond to you. You need to go back and capture it in other seasons as well.

  11. These are such intensely beautiful images, and your processing skills are immense. Atmospheric and ethereal in quality. A joy to view

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