Funny Story

Everyone who knows me very well knows that I really don’t like to take “people pictures.”  I do, however, from time to time practice with my grandchildren and family.

Occasionally I will have some photographs (usually of the grandchildren)  printed at a Walmart  about 15 – 20 miles away from my father’s home town so that he can quickly and easily pick them up. He then will have something to show around town and talk about with friends and neighbors; entertainment for a couple of days, if you will.  Quality is not the most important concern for these photos; ease of acquiring the images is!

Through the Internet, I uploaded and placed an order this weekend.  My father was supposed to pick the photos up today.

I got a phone call from him just a few minutes ago saying the Walmart photo lab wouldn’t let him pick up the order.  They said the photos were made by a professional and were copyrighted.

At age 88, my father didn’t understand all of the commotion and couldn’t see why he couldn’t pay the $.61 for the three photos his daughter took  of his great-granddaughter and go on his way.

These are the photos that caused the commotion —

(click to view full size)

I guess I’ll have to go to plan “B” to get daddy the pictures!  🙂

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15 Responses to Funny Story

  1. oscarstavern says:

    How adorable! technology.. sometimes works – sometimes doesn’t.!

  2. Beau Dodson says:

    You can sign a release for those Sue. Wal-mart has them at the desk (photo counter). Just tell them what happened and ask them for the form.

    Should get you what you want.

    🙂 Nice photos!!!

  3. Bo says:

    Awww! (I’m dying out of curiosity to know which town. Of course, only I would want to know THAT!!!)

    And she is one gorgeous blue-eyed sweetie. What fortunate grandmas and grandpas!

  4. Suzanne Roach says:

    They are beautiful and professional looking images Sue. I’ve had the same thing happen. They have a release form that you need to sign and then they’ll let the photos be picked up.

  5. Anita Bower says:

    Beautiful baby and photos! Of course, they were taken by a professional!

  6. Marcie says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the images….they absolutely look like they were taken by a pro!!!

  7. Julie McLeod says:

    She is a beautiful baby! Perfect, actually!

    Walmart is notorious for ‘protecting’ photographer’s copyrights this way. You might be able to avoid the problem by stripping the images of your copyright info in the EXIF data by using Photoshop’s Save for Web.

  8. That story isn’t funny…it’s sad for him! Poor thing. But it is a compliment to you and your beautiful work! I love those precious photos. You ought to take more people shots!

  9. JRP says:

    These are wonderful. Such a soft feel to them that makes it perfect for a little girls portraits. Wait until she gets older…she’ll make a professional portrait photographer of you because you’ll be wanting to take her photo often.

    I’m glad they are protecting the photogs but your poor Daddy having to go through all that mumbo-jumbo to get his photos! 🙂

  10. Lisa says:

    Beautiful photos Sue, they probably didn’t want to let this little one go (at Walmart), but how annoying and confusing for your father.

  11. Barbara says:

    I love those pink lips and her blue eyes…she looks as soft as I remember little grand-daughters can be.


  12. George says:

    Sue – just looked at the first image of the baby they are so stunning, need enlarging and framing thats for sure

  13. mary says:

    Wow, Sue, gorgeous photos! And such a beautiful model. 😉

  14. Puna says:

    Oh my you are a professional! Too funny. That baby is adorable!

    Over from SS.

  15. These are so lovely…. and giggling at the wal-mart ‘compliment’. So funny!

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