The Summer Cottage

During my recent visit to my hometown, I photographed my Aunt’s homeplace which is currently being used by my cousin as her “Summer Cottage.”  I hope you can feel the warmth and charm that my cousin has infused into this quaint little cottage-style  home.

My personal challenge for this photo shoot was to explore the cottage without moving anything and using only natural light.  And, yes the windows from yesterday’s post were taken here.  As you might suspect, more images will follow!

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8 Responses to The Summer Cottage

  1. susanne49 says:

    O.M.G. that looks like my dream house somewhere on the beach! 🙂

    Very, very nice and cozy looking – and a great photographer behind these pictures!

    Sue’s Daily Photography

  2. Marcie says:

    What a wonderful project. Love the nostalgia..and how you’ve taken us thru the beautiful cottage. Excellent series of images!

  3. Lovely project to do and great results. That final shot just conjours up all kinds of thoughts about the cottage.

  4. Mike says:

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  5. I like the 1st shot here best Sue. It’s so great that you come up with personal challenges for yourself!

  6. colblue says:

    Looks like my great grandmothers house (from memory). I remember those old indestructible metal fans. A lovely house!

  7. Julie McLeod says:

    It looks like a place lost in time! Your shots are beautiful and kudos to your cousin for honoring the past…………..

  8. oscarstavern says:

    Quite a peaceful looking place!

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