Simply Emotional

“Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge” ~Audre Lorde

Do you like to read about how pieces come “to be?”  This particular piece has a story.

My massage therapist is also an artist… and, my friend.  We talk frequently about photography, art, the creative process, emotion and feeling in art, etc.

Her home is FILLED with interesting art; many pieces being her own personally created original art.  I had frequently commented that I wanted to bring my camera and take some photos especially to use as texture layers.  One day last week, I did just that.

As she watched me shooting throughout her home, we talked about the creative process involved with creating images from composite layers in Photoshop.  I expressed to her that adding texture layers, or composite image layers, is much like painting and requires, in my opinion, artistic vision.

I quickly agreed to her suggestion of trading, using the barter system, a massage for a Photoshop session to teach her how to use layers for composites and textures.  Her assignment is to take photographs of various textures and items in her home. At our Photoshop training session, I will teach her how to take those individual photos and create a textured photographic piece of art.

After that, I get a nice soothing massage!  Sounds like a good deal to me!


Inquiring minds want to know….

Many times people ask, “What did the original image look like?”  Here are two of the three layers used in the above piece.

A vase on her table:

The glass in her china cabinet with colorful china stored on the shelves.

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12 Responses to Simply Emotional

  1. Of course we like the stories of how things come to be! I love this piece and your title for the post. I have been so full of emotions lately. How come everything you post fits my mood???


  2. suehenryphotography says:

    I named this piece BEFORE I showed it to Jennifer; thinking the piece was so expressive of a wide range of emotions. As Jennifer (my massage therapist) and I looked at the piece together, she agreed the title was perfect. She also commented on how texture layer gave the effect of tears falling….

  3. Bo says:

    I “saw” the tears immediately. What an awesome combination of effects. As a photographer who doesn’t use Photoshop techniques, you often make me re-think that decision. I am really struck by the exceptionally talented things you do with your photography. I just may enter the Photoshop world one of these days myself.

  4. Sue, this is just stunning. I love seeing the 2 photos and then the finished product. That is some artistic piece you put together.

    I would have never thought to take photos of art pieces like this and then add texture to make a photograph like this. How inspiring!

  5. colblue says:

    You are quite the artist, Sue! Not a bad negotiator either. 😉

    Another fantastic image!!

  6. Excellent post Sue – the story is always worth the read, and the technical write up is useful too….just the thought of a nice massage is making me sleepy!

  7. Toni says:

    Very nice, Sue. The end result is worth the extra work to achieve it.

  8. Julie McLeod says:

    I loved seeing the starter images you used to create this beautiful piece. Thanks, Sue!

  9. Marcie says:

    Love seeing the individual layers and how you combined them to create the end finish piece. Great idea to exchange services!!!!

  10. Mike Palmer says:

    making art of art – they chicken or the egg right? you did a great job Sue!!

  11. Beau Dodson says:

    Very nice. I love the colors.

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