Simply Red

“Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.”  ~ Bill Blass

“When in doubt wear red.”  ~Bill Blass

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8 Responses to Simply Red

  1. HA! There is a cure for sadness!!! I had no idea…guess what color I’m wearing today? Yep, red!

  2. tomwhelan says:

    When in doubt, shoot red. Nice details and dusky colors in this abstract.

  3. Julie McLeod says:

    That is kind of invigorating!

  4. suehenryphotography says:

    LOL Julie….the cure for winter blahs?!?!?!

  5. photorover says:

    They always told me that redheads should not wear red … “they” were wrong! Redheads should not wear burgundy. ;D

    Sweet image, Sue!

  6. Elaine says:

    No, Arla, you have it wrong….redheads should not DRINK burgandy!!! ;-P

    Sue, that photo is awesome! I love the lighting on it, and the texture is just wonderful!

  7. Marcie says:

    Nice to see that color red at this time of year!!! Love the texture and detail…not to mention intense color.

  8. JRP says:

    WOW! This knocks my sock off. The red is amazing! are those petals?? WOW! I keep wanting to say wow because the silky texture, and the lighting are mesmerizing me to stare at them!

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