A Quick Update

Very briefly, I want to share with friends and family that our area has been hit with a severe ice storm; a storm that has crippled our area, state, and region.

Personally we were without power for approximately three days, but currently have the power restored.  Our phone lines have been down as have internet connections.  At this time I am “borrowing” my neighbor’s wireless interent to share this quick update.  I don’t know how long this opportunity to “borrow” internet will continue to be available….  (My neighbor doesn’t mind; just not sure how reliable ANY of our connections are!)

I simply must say that my husband and I have been very fortunate.  We were inconvenienced throughout this storm, but never in any real danger.  Others in our community and state have not been so fortunate.

I will get back in the swing of blogging as quickly as I can.  I have missed my blogging friends and look forward to re-connecting soon!

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7 Responses to A Quick Update

  1. Mary Brooks Brown says:

    Take care!!! Thinking of you guys over there…. We have had some ice and snow here, but nothing like you have gotten..

  2. Bo says:

    My thoughts are with you for a quick return to more favorable weather conditions, and back to life as normal.

  3. oscarstavern says:

    Wow! I did hear the storms were that way. I’ll pray for everyone out that way, and hope you two get back on your feet soon!

  4. Julie McLeod says:

    Good luck to everyone. I hope things return to normalcy soon….

  5. david martin says:

    I thought you were across the river. I have not been paying attention to your local news.
    I am glad all is well with you, I bet you played allot of rummy!

  6. colblue says:

    Stay warm and stay safe! It’s good to see you are still kicking!

  7. JRP says:

    I was worried about you – glad that you’re safe!

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