The Ballard Bottoms

(You may click on image to view full size.)

The birds in the Ballard Bottoms (wildlife area) were too far away to shoot, but the sounds they made were wonderful. I doubt that I’ve ever heard that many ducks and geese honking at one time.

This is an area my husband would prefer that I not visit alone. While the area I visited is a “protected reserve”, it’s filled with a multitude of duck hunters in neighboring areas. He worries about my safety. I have an independent streak though and headed out on my own.

My primary goal was to shoot texture images for our forum “texture challenge.” And, my secondary goal was to practice to improve a few really, really bad habits.


  • use a tripod more frequently!
  • use smaller apertures more frequently!
  • use a variety of lens instead of just my 100mm!

Practice makes perfect.

The tripod certainly makes one S L O W down, doesn’t it.

(You may click image to view full size.)

(You may click image to view  full size.)

While I was out doing all of this practicing I dropped my camera! Horrors. Tomorrow I guess I’ll need to take it to the “doctor” and make sure it survived the fall. Keep your fingers crossed!

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11 Responses to The Ballard Bottoms

  1. colblue says:

    Oh wow, I hope your camera is okay!! It’s one of my worst fears when I’m out taking photos. I might lose my footing while rock hopping or on the hillside I’m traversing, one wrong step and my camera could be hitting the ground.

    The images are very nice! It looks like a nice spot, just beware the hunters. 🙂

  2. Marcie says:

    Beautiful images..of what looks like a beautiful place. Your ‘practicing’ certainly paid off. Hope your camera is okay – eeks!!!

  3. Julie McLeod says:

    This looks like a spectacular site! I can see why you don’t heed your husband’s advice. The last shot is splendid – I love the reflections…

  4. use your neck strap missy! 🙂

    Looks like a hidden wonderland Sue. Love the shots you took. Off to see what kind of texture challenge the forum is having…

  5. julielawsonphotography says:

    Very lovely series sue. One of my worst fears is dropping my camera too. Hope your camera faired the fall well.

  6. Bo says:

    Wonderful place. Hope your camera made it through its fall. My fingers are crossed!

  7. Anita Bower says:

    Lovely images. I especially like the second one. It has an abstract quality to it. The many diagonal lines, with some horizontal ones, make a strong image.

    Like you, I seldom change the lens on my camera. I hate carrying a lot of gear and I’m a bit afraid of dropping a lens. I never carry a backpack, just a small fanny pack.

    The only time I dropped my camera was last winter when I stepped in a hole in the snowy ground and fell forward. My camera was slung aroung my neck and landed lens first in the snow. Drying it out was all that it needed. Hope your camera is OK!!

    When I started taking digital photos about 3 years ago, I didn’t use a tripod–too much bother. Now, I almost never take a picture without it. I’ve learned that I’m just not steady enough without the tripod. Also, macros almost require a tripod. What made the difference for me was buying a lighter weight tripod that is small and easy to carry. There are some excellent photographers, however, that almost never use a tripod.

  8. Lisa says:

    Beautiful shots Sue, hope your camera is ok.

  9. Mike Palmer says:

    Sorry to hear about your “eye” = ) I hope it is a speedy recovery!!!

  10. Vinnie says:

    Beautiful shots. I just love that last one.

  11. JRP says:

    I love that first shot Sue! It’s just beautiful the way the sky looks.

    I’m glad you took your tripod with you this time. I learned quickly from my HDR work that a tripod will certainly slow you down and also will make you stop and think about composition and really planning your shot.

    I had my camera on my tripod one windy day and the entire tripod blew over and the camera hit the ground. I almost died a million deaths. It was fine but got some mud on it. That was about it so I was lucky. I hope your camera is ok. 🙂

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