‘A final look at the tradition’….

That is how the front page headline read in today’s Paducah Sun newspaper.

Under the large photograph by John Wright, photographer for the Paducah Sun, the paper said “Delta Queen makes possible last visit to Paducah.”

‘A final look at the tradition’
The last time Mike Pharr had ridden the Delta Queen riverboat was nearly 50 years ago. …

(Image from Paducah Sun is no longer available)
Randy Pharr of Templeton, Calif., (second from left) stands beside his wife, Rhonda, brother Mike of Evansville, Ind., and Mike’s wife, Lisa, as Richmond’s Larry Frost films them with a video camera in front of the Delta Queen riverboat in Paducah on Sunday.

In anticipation of this “possible last visit to Paducah,” I have gone to the riverfront on numerous occasions this summer to photograph this magnificent vessel. The following is a photo of mine taken July.

My plan for yesterday’s riverfront visit was to tell the story of the people rather than the vessel. And, as you know, I’m working on developing my skills in “street photography.”

I also chose to sit in one location rather than wander around. The zoom lens allowed me a little bit of anonymity.

There were lots of long wistful looks from the shore,

And, from the “Queen.”

I really got “into the moment” however, when I started following the “photographer in the yellow shirt.” I quickly identified him as John Wright, a photographer for our local paper, and thought it might be interesting to follow a professional at work!

Making the shot, chimping to check it out……

and….tracking down the “rest of the story.”

Getting creative.

And, getting excited over a “hot story.” He calls the reporter in on this one!

The reporter, Laqueta Perry.

The making of a story.

From the Paducah Sun (LaQueta Perry)

“The last time Mike Pharr had ridden the Delta Queen riverboat was nearly 50 years ago.

Phar, of Evansille, Ind., rode it again over the weekend, when he reunited with his brother Randy Pharr after more than 20 years. Randy Pharr and his wife, Rhonda, are from Templeton, Calif.

Mike Pharr and his wife, Lisa, greeted Randy and Rhonda after the boat stopped in Henderson on Saturday, as about 20 family members ended up reuniting. They got together again Sunday in Paducah.”

One last glance….

Again, from the Paducah Sun:

“We thought we’d get a final look at the tradition,” Gary Hunt of Paducah said. “It was an anticipated event when the Queen came into the town and always was. It will be missed.”

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7 Responses to ‘A final look at the tradition’….

  1. Marcie says:

    Nice piece of photographic journalism. Love how you’ve tied all the parts and pieces together. Good work!!!

  2. Julie McLeod says:

    Sue, that was a excellent idea to tell the story from the perspective of those on the shore. And how fun that you got to watch the newspaper story as it was written! I love the shot of the reporters notes. Thanks for sharing this event. I’m feeling sad for everyone who loves the Delta Queen…

  3. susanne49 says:

    It’s so pitty that traditions like this die!

    Nice post Sue!

  4. suehenryphotography says:

    Thanks for viewing and commenting Marcie, Julie, and Susanne.

    Julie, the reporters notes image was heavily cropped from the original. I thought it really fascinating how you could “read” her notes from what amounted to “across the street.”

  5. JRP says:

    Wow sue, you did your own investigative reporting on this one!

    I love telling stories like this through photography and you did such a splendid job of it! Great that you had the article to refer to!

    The reporters notes was a neat one for me…but the first shot of the Delta Queen is beautiful with those clouds!!! sigh…

    PS: I giggled when you said “chimping” to check his shot. Look at you using the lingo. I love it. 😀

  6. suehenryphotography says:

    Jen, someone used the word “chimping” in reference to one of my grandson’s photos. I had to look it up to see what it meant. But now I know!!!! 🙂

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