Reflections on a Pond

Inspired by Flickr user Dennis Collette.

“The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.” Albert Einstein

“One can be instructed in society, one is inspired only in solitude.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I almost missed these shots. I believe they “spoke” to me because I was fully at peace, wrapped in the solitude and serenity of the afternoon drive. That’s how it happens with me sometimes. Images just “speak” to me.

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5 Responses to Reflections on a Pond

  1. JRP says:

    These images speak to me as well. I love reflections shots like this. I find myself doing this often in the many spots along the canal that I visit…especially in the fall with all the colors on the trees.

    I think this time of year awakens me and my love for photography. I yearn to get out and sit and be at peace with nature and try my best to capture it’s beauty as you have done here.

    Lovely Sue. Lovely.

  2. susanne49 says:

    I love this shots, Sue, very relaxing and inspiring also for me.

  3. Julie McLeod says:


  4. These shots speak to me Sue. They are dreamy and beautiful.

  5. Anita Bower says:

    Lovely! I like the colors and light. They are peaceful. I also love the quotes, especially the first.

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