Looking To The Future

Childhood.  Wonder.  Meaningful play.  Exploration.  Discovery.  Joy.  Fun.  Pride.  Passion.

My grandson (who JUST turned four) visited this past weekend.  Yes, he is probably spoiled because I allowed him to use my good laptop and my old digital camera.

He told me “your old computer is too slow and the screen jumps when it has been on too long.”  He maneuvers very deftly from “The Wiggles” to “PBS Kids” to “Playhouse Disney” and takes great pride in showing his grandmother the latest Disney movie trailers.

The camera we gave him for Christmas last year, he told us, didn’t take very good pictures and therefore he thinks he needs a new one.  He’s probably right; the 2.0 mega pixel Fischer Price is more like a toy than a real camera.

So, to see if he really was ready for a different camera I let him use my old camera.  I showed him a  framed picture that I had taken with the old camera and proudly announced “This camera is not a toy.  It is a good camera that can take nice pictures.”

He took his practice time with the camera very seriously; exploring and discovering what could be done with a “real” camera.  From a very early age he has been exposed to photography.  His father, his grandmother, and a couple of very close family friends are all photographers.  He knew instinctively (without any coaching) when one image was better than another.

So, what is the “moral” of this post.  As a retired teacher, I believe that a child’s “play” can often times be a look in to the future.

Will my grandson be the next “Ansel Adams?”  Gosh, who knows. But I DO know that each and every experience he has,  and every new discovery he makes, helps mold and shape who he is; sometimes in even the smallest ways.

If you have an old camera, I urge you to allow a child the opportunity to experience the joy of capturing an image with it.  Share your love and passion for photography with others.

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11 Responses to Looking To The Future

  1. Kels says:

    I love the last two! I’d like to see some of his shots too ^^

  2. suehenryphotography says:

    Thank you for the comment. I’ll ask the “artist” if I have permission to post some of his pics! 🙂

  3. John Wurth says:

    Our daughter, Roxy wanted a camera for her 6th birthday and we decided not to get her a cheap “toy” camera and opted instead for a smaller Samsung. She takes great care of it. I set her up her own iPhoto library and she feels SO cool. (she IS)

    Now if I could get her to use it more. Ha ha.

  4. Jayne says:

    Hi Sue…It’s quite a coincidence that you should write about this now. Only a couple of weekends ago I was saying to my husband that when (if?!) we have grandchildren I’m going to give them simple cameras from very early on …and yes, I do mean as young as 3. I too would love to see your grandson’s work!

  5. suehenryphotography says:

    Good to hear from you, John!

  6. Love seeing your grandson taking an interest in phototgraphy. 🙂 What a lucky boy to have you there allowing him to explore!

  7. JRP says:

    i love love love seeing the curiosity in his face as he hold that camera!

    My dad loves photography and started me out with a camera at about the exact same age and I tell ya sue…i never lost the love of it since.

    I know you will foster his love for it big time!!! I can’t wait to see great things from him….hmm….maybe his very own blog down the road? LOL

  8. juliemcleod says:

    This is a fun set of photos and good for you for giving him the opportunity to explore photography.

  9. elk says:

    what a sweet series of shots Sue …here from SS today with admiration!


  10. HappyHourMom says:

    Lovely moments in time you captured.

  11. Andrea says:

    I love how you can see a little boy yet you can also see a man.

    These are great pictures to look back on when that sweet boy is all grown up 🙂

    Came here from SS…


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