Mother Nature’s Christmas Ornament

I don’t know about you, but I don’t always realize how totally awesome a shot is going to be when I shoot it. That’s what happened with today’s “featured” image.

Every once in a while I carry my camera with me on my morning walks. On this particular morning, it was soooooo hot that I wasn’t sure how far or how fast I would walk. I also had a certain spot in the concrete pavement that I had noticed several times and decided I wanted to photograph it so I took my camera along for the walk.

OK, before I get to the “featured shot of the day,” a little side trip….this is the concrete pavement shot that was calling my name.

Now, I’ve seen images from many of the readers of this blog and I know you’ll understand why this spot in the concrete pavement captured my attention every morning when I walked.

However, I’ll have to share my husband’s reaction when I first showed him this photo. His reaction and response went something like this: “That’s concrete! Why did you take a picture of concrete? That’s from Stienspring’s; they have concrete pavement. Concrete pavement disintegrates very easily and that subdivision has some real problems with the pavement. It’s falling apart. Oh….that hole is shaped like a HEART!

Duh. I wonder why he thought I would shoot just ANY hole in the concrete pavement?

So, back to the “featured shot of the day.”

This image was one of those images that when you first open it up on the monitor, you sigh and say an audible “Oh.”

I immediately thought that it looked like a Christmas ornament. And, wonder of all wonders, when my husband saw it he immediately said, “That’s a neat Christmas ornament. When did you shoot that?”

Then the questions began. What kind of tree is it? Is this the beginning of a pine cone? How come we have never noticed these before? (We’ve walked by that tree for about 10 years or so….hmmmm)

It’s been a slow process, but I think I’ve finally identified the tree as a Bald Cypress. (Albeit a very unofficial identification and a hesitant one as well.)

But, isn’t it cool? And doesn’t it look like a Christmas ornament? In it’s natural state the “fruit” is about the size of quarter, so isn’t it fantastic that photography allows us to see details that we would otherwise miss!

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4 Responses to Mother Nature’s Christmas Ornament

  1. Ptchfork says:

    Wow… that “ornament” was an amazing find!!!

  2. JRP says:

    As soon as I opened the post I saw the heart. I love the magic in the world around us that a simple piece of concrete can be beautiful to me.

    The ornament in the tree…what a great world photography opens for us. I will say it until I am blue in the face…i’m so happy how many more things we notice in the world that others might not…

  3. I love that photo. It is unbelieveable….I thought it was a reflection on a Christmas ornament, until I became more curious, and read about it, and now I love it more. Wonderful shot.

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