Reflecting on an Exhibition

(A little introduction and side note – Paducah is a sleepy little town in Western KY.  It is two hours to Nashville, three hours to St. Louis, etc.  We get “excited” over local exhibits and opportunities.  And, like so many of the rest of you, I don’t have access to a photography club or group.  Most of my “intellectual photography discussions” are on-line with good folks just like YOU!)

Normally I won’t share with readers of this blog information about “lunch dates;” however, yesterday’s lunch will be an exception.

My good friend Barbara and I purposefully chose our location for lunch because the local restaurant was currently featuring a gallery type exhibition of photos selected from the Paducah Summer Festival Photo Contest.  Fortunately the crowd was slim and we were able to spend time viewing and discussing the photos of some 130 featured artists.

While Barbara is not actively involved in photography she is quite knowledgeable about photography basics, has a wonderful artist eye, and a very inquisitive mind.

It was interesting to discuss with Barbara images that moved us, impressed us, fascinated us, amused us…  However, more often than not, we would raise an eyebrow and wonder what the juror saw in a particular image that we were missing.

If you didn’t click on the earlier hyperlink for the photo contest, please consider doing so now. The wining and second place images are featured.  (Both images can be viewed a little larger by clicking on the image.)  I would be interested in hearing your reactions and comments.

I returned home with a list of techniques to research and learn more about.  I think it’s “a very good thing” to challenge ourselves, stretch, and grow.  Visiting the photo exhibition was a great experience and opportunity.

How do YOU challenge yourself, stretch, and grow?  Do you have local exhibits that you visit for “inspiration?”

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4 Responses to Reflecting on an Exhibition

  1. Jen says:

    Sue, what a nice lunch date that sounds like!

    I just looked at the winners photos featured….hmmm…I, like you, wonder what a judge looks for sometimes.

    The 1st place winner has a very interesting depth of field and focus…like some of the foreground isn’t all in focus or the background. Kind of has a dizzing effect on you. It’s interesting but didn’t WOW me like other work I have see pass my eyes.

    The 2nd place one was an interesting panorama considering it was divided in 3 pieces but still together. Again, very interesting…but I’m not sure what they were “looking” for in this contest.

    Interesting things to ponder……

  2. suehenryphotography says:

    Oh, and by the way….I didn’t enter so my reactions and thoughts weren’t based on any form of disappointment, etc. 🙂

  3. Ron Box says:

    Sue, I was admiring your tractor picture (now one of my Flickr Faves) and the things you learned on a farm and it eventually led me here. You have a interesting blog which I’m sure I will be checking again. By the way I can identify with your Farm Philosophy. My Grandfather was a farmer and I spent a lot of my summers with him. As far as your comments on judging a photography contest, it certainly is a subjective endeavor and anytime you enter a contest you must remember that not winning is not a reflection on your work but a reflection on the judges perspectives, likes, dislikes and all of his or her life experiences up to the point of judgment day (photo judgment day that is). Of course the rules are different if you win the contest… then it is completely a reflection of your excellent work:)
    A good country word that sums this up is “druthers”, as in, “if I had my druthers I would pick a picture like your tractor silhouette for the winner.” For this contest I think I can safely say that the judges “druthers” was very different from mine.

    Now as far as not having access to a local photography club, you should consider the Nashville photography club. It would be a good once a month photo excursion that would link you into some pretty nice photographers.
    Gas prices! Bah Humbug!

    Thanks for Sharing
    Ron Box
    President Nashville Photography Club 🙂

  4. suehenryphotography says:

    Thanks Ron for viewing my blog and taking the time to leave such thoughtful comments. I will certainly consider joining the Nashville photography club! I agree that it could be a wonderful opportunity.

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