The Request Line….and, a Link Or Two

I had a request to share with you the results of yesterday’s “Gallery Shelves” project. That’s an easy request and I’m happy to share.

No, Michael’s isn’t paying me for an endorsement, but the shelves (the correct term is ledge, I think) were just what they were described to be.

“Decorative ledge holds your favorite frames and enhances any décor. Includes patent pending “wall grabber” hanging hardware.
Available in 12-inch, 24-inch and 42-inch sizes in walnut, white and black.”

The measuring and leveling process went remarkably smoothly. A couple of holes to drill, a couple of screws to set in, and voila! … Instant display. They ledges are lightweight, but durable.

And, the beauty of these ledges is that images can be changed very quickly and easily. I have already envisioned a wildflower series, an abstract series, a fall leaf series, a winter snow and ice series……the list goes on. Plus, should I wish to expand the size, I’ll just add another ledge or so.

And before I hear comments, I have the photos of the grandchildren in my office! Not to worry; they certainly get their due billing!

And, changing subjects very briefly, I discovered a new resource for free textures this morning. Our little blog community is always so good about sharing resources, I want to make sure that I share as well. The title of the resource is a little deceptive, but make sure you check it out!

I leave you today with an image from the archives since I have so many new visitors to my work. Taken earlier this spring while exploring Fern Cliff State Park in southern Illinois, this was the first I became aware of the art of rock stacking.

Sue Henry Photography 2008 All Rights Reserved.  Image may not be used without permission.

Southern Illinois, and I say this in the most kind and loving manner, has a lot of artsy, earthy folks; many of whom are SIU students. I was immediately captivated with the artistic stack of rocks left by some unknown artist. And, I was very saddened to discover it missing on our next visit to this spot.

Since spotting this on our hike, I have since become aware of some the history and popularity of this art form. A recent issue of O Magazine had an advertisement that utilized balanced rocks in its image. Do a google search on “rock stacking” or on “inukshuk” when you have some spare time. I think you’ll see some work that will amaze you.

Have a great day!

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6 Responses to The Request Line….and, a Link Or Two

  1. JulieM says:

    Sue, thank you for showing us the display! It looks terrific. As it happens, my daughter wanted to go to Michael’s today for something and I got to check out the gallery ledges. Now to figure out if I have a place for some…

    Great image of the rock sculpture. Inukshuks we have aplenty up here!

    Also, thanks for the link to the texure site. Very nice!

  2. JRP says:

    Sue, thanks for much for the texture link.

    The Inukshuk is lovely in this photo. Standing alone….so much symbolism there. I made my own in Aruba…there were thousands along the beach… very cool!

    The shelves look awesome!
    You’ve made me want to renew the use of the ledges I have in my family room! Right now they are all family photos which is nice but I have those all over my home….so many I will add some of my worn work since I barely have anything hanging of my own in the house (besides my new canvas and 2 other photos that I don’t even love that much 😦 ) I’m excited to put a lot of my work up when I get a new place…whenever my house sells!!

  3. Ptchfork says:

    Looks great Sue…

    Hey when am I getting my invitation over?

  4. suehenryphotography says:

    Brian, come on over…..the party will start the second you get here! 🙂

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