Love is…

Kay Smart at BeBe’s Artisan Gallery asked me to come up with an image for a note card that could be used for an anniversary card. This image will become my newest note card.

Sue Henry Photography 2008 All rights reserved.  Photo may not be used without permission.

First let me talk about how the image was shot.

I had tried shooting this on a couple of occasions. First with the natural light coming in from the guest bedroom window and then with the natural light coming in from the great room window. If you remember, I don’t have any special lighting equipment and rely on natural light for my images.

Yesterday afternoon, while working in my office, I noticed the beautiful light coming from the skylight. Ah ha! Let’s give it another try.

Bingo! The shadow created the effect I was seeking. So, last night I ordered photo prints and will soon turn this design into note cards.

I use for all of my note cards. This is another supplier that provides, in my opinion, a quality product. I have explored other means for producing note cards but so far I am most pleased with the final product when using Photographers Edge.

Oh no! I’ve posted twice in one day and my original goal was to post once a week. What is happening here? 🙂

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6 Responses to Love is…

  1. susanne49 says:

    Very nice! Great idea and creative lightning. I like it!

  2. JRP says:

    Sue, I’ve seen this concept and I think you’ve executed it lovely! the skylight worked wonders! great greeting card! I’d buy it!

    AHHAHA! I told you that would get addicted even more now! 🙂 2 posts in a day is when you know you’re off the deep end of blogging! (ahahah lol)!

    Photographer’s Edge is fantastic – I’m so happy you told me about them way back when. I make all my own greeting cards for family now. No more $5.00 hallmark cards…now they get a “jen rinaldi original!”

  3. suehenryphotography says:

    Two post on THIS blog and one on the other blog. YUP….off the deep end! 🙂

  4. Um…can you add a couple notecards to my shopping list too? I’m in heaven over this! It’s beautiful!!!

    How is the daisy print coming along?


  5. suehenryphotography says:

    Heather….I’ve emailed you with information regarding your “shopping list.” Thanks so much!

  6. Lesa Clark says:

    Wow! Love it.

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