Geometric Shapes

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Once again from the Downtown Details series I offer another old, historic bank building. This building has been purchased by a prominent local law firm. The building is well maintained and used very “responsibly.” The firm wisely honors the heritage, history, and integrity of the building.

No. This is NOT a pretty picture so to speak. However, it is another one of those simple images that captures details in a manner that causes the viewer’s eye to follow the lines, shapes, patterns in the piece; another of those images that speak “the more you look, the more you see.”

The blue sky was absolutely vivid naturally and the image was quite nice in the original color. However, I chose to feature this image in black and white to emphasize the stark geometric shapes of the piece. And, I must admit that I was tempted to use Photoshop and manipulate the image to a “pencil drawing.”

Jen Rinaldi would choose HDR for this image, I’m quite sure.

Speaking of Jen Rinaldi — I want to send a great big “THANK YOU” across the web to Jen for several things. Jen provides an on-going source of inspiration and motivation for me in my photography adventures and growth. She also is the primary person who encouraged me to undertake this blog as a means of sharing my images with an ever-growing number of viewers. Please, if you have not done so, visit so you can see for yourself what a talented photographer (and fun person) Jen is. I think her work will inspire you as it has me. And, if you are close to New Jersey….book her to make you or your family’s portrait!

Thanks, Jen! I appreciate you!

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2 Responses to Geometric Shapes

  1. What a sweet message here about our friend Jen! ALL TRUE TOO!

    I like your lines Sue.

  2. JRP says:

    Awwwww Aue, I just saw this. You’re the sweetest!
    Thank you so much for those kind words. I’m glad you find inspiration from me! 🙂

    B&W was a gr8 choice for this!

    Architecture does work very well with HDR…..Now….hmm…how can I get you to try HDR? LOL!! 🙂

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