Daisy: gentleness, innocence, purity, loyal love

I really hadn’t planned on presenting a daisy series; it has just happened.

This image was made on one of my early morning walks.  Close to my home is an open field where daises grow profusely.  I often wonder why I singled out this one solitary daisy  from the hundreds that were present that particular morning.  However, I find that in my photography I often like to study details or look for simplicity in my images. 

My vision for this piece was to present the daisy in a manner that speaks a little to that innocence, gentleness, and purity that leads to loyal love.  http://www.800florals.com/care/meaning.asp  I am especially fond of the way the early morning light highlights the stem of this daisy and the way the shallow Depth of Field lets the viewer see just enough detail while still leaving a little to one’s imagination.

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3 Responses to Daisy: gentleness, innocence, purity, loyal love

  1. you accomplished your vision with this one Sue. I like how the flower petals are naturally lifting upwards!

  2. JRP says:

    oh B&W is awesome for this! great angle you shot this at!!

  3. juliemcleod says:

    Man, that lighting is incredible! Well done…

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